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Unwilling to speak about anything but how gently this baby says “cheese” today. Thank you for understanding.


the locker of a very straight high schooler who is straight


the locker of a very straight high schooler who is straight

"Yes, poor little old you. There we were, discussing rape, violence against women, systemic oppression and other manifestations of sexism, and you had to jump in to remind us that “not all men” do these things. Why don’t you really say what you want to say? “I HAVE NEVER RAPED/HIT/ASSAULTED A WOMAN!” Right? Isn’t this what you really want to say? Yes, make a discussion that is about the plight of MILLIONS of women about poor little old you. I mean, millions of women are being assaulted and oppressed, but you’ve never done it, so why are we making you uncomfortable with these discussions?"

- Brenda Wambui breaking down the ridiculous “Not all men!” phrase over at Medium. Top-notch work. (via itmac)


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come


no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful 


i keep my phone on at all times just in case nev and max calls because someone done used my selfies




Jonathan Schoonover

Anonymous asked:
Hi!! So I tried to use the theme that that other asked you about and I followed all the instructions but I can't find the theme on water board??

Do you mean winterboard?? If you used ifile I’m not sure why its not working but it’ll probably be easier if you come off anon and I’ll try and help you out :+)

Anonymous asked:
could you maybe possibly reveal how you jailbroke your phone? did you do it yourself or did someone else do it for you? i've wanted mine done for so long :(((

I done mine a few months ago before the latest iphone system update you should probably find out what 7.1.x you’re running and google a jailbreak for it!!

Anonymous asked:
yea my phones jailbroken!!

ok I’m pretty sure all you have to do is make sure you have downloaded ifile and winterboard from cydia, then follow steps here ( to get the icons!!! then for the clock/time/date, in cydia, add “” (without the quotation marks) as a source, then go into package and look for “JellyLockClock7”!! then go in settings, scroll n find jellylock and you can customize your date/time/alarm!! ok and finally, go here ( click the information logo below the photo, scroll down to download the .zip file. hopefully it’ll give you an option to open in ifile, then click unarchiver, when its finished click done, then click edit and choose the folder you just downloaded and then the bottom right clipboard and cut it. then press back all the way til the header is ‘/’, then go to ‘var’, ‘stash’, ‘themes’ then paste the file!! hopefully then you can go to the winterboard app and choose all the stuff you’ve downloaded, press back and then respring!! I’ve probably missed something so let me know!!